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14 questions for my 92 year old grandmother, one for each child she raised

My 30's lurk around the corner like an unfamiliar room.  I continue to carve out the life I want to lead, yet it still has not taken form in my hands.  What lessons have I learned in my 20's that shape me?  What lessons have I evaded? My grandmother, Rosemary Eleanor, is 92 years old and the mother of 14 children.  She is active in her church, volunteers at a local hospital, and plays boardgames with her great grand children on the floor. Recently finding herself without the garage door opener, she hit the button, ran, and jumped over the alarm so the door didn't go back up.  My dad, the best of storytellers, made the most of this one. Over lunch the other day, I was...

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More than a muffin recipe

Leather journal and knee socks available in our gift collection  Wintertime ushers in serenity, solitude, and cold.  The days are monochromatic and darkness comes early.  As it wears on, the cold settles in deep inside.  A friend recently introduced me to "hygge".  The basic concept applied here is that winter can be embraced for the slower pace it relentlessly brings.  And as we spend more time indoors, hygge inspires a cozy atmosphere centered on rest, relationships, and reflection.   The aroma of cinnamon, the sound and heat radiated from the oven, and the taste of warmth make baking so important for coping through the winter season. ___ Wooden bowl available in our gift collection   This recipe was inspired by the cup of shredded wheat that is crunched up at the...

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