Dear Reader

I fell hard for Fair+Simple.

It was like falling in love.  I had been crushing on fair trade and running a handmade business for 9 years, which kept me at home while my littles grew.  The time was drawing close when they would all be in school, so I started dreaming of what my new stage would look like.

 Meanwhile, I had started making a connection between my purchasing habits and social injustices.  I began asking myself questions like, “Are my purchasing habits negatively affecting people around the world? Who is on the other side of the items we use and enjoy everyday?” I started to make changes.  Slow, difficult, small changes.  I started to inform myself. 

I deeply desired to serve the underserved in my vocation, and the next step was narrowed down to about three main choices: a masters to go along with my undergrad in elementary education, social work in the foster care system, or what my husband and I deemed as the “out on a limb” option which was a foggy but strong dream to use business as a tool for social change.

About a month later I was sewing some beanies for a local market.  I can’t even remember my train of thought, but the idea for the Fair+Simple card just fell from the sky.  And I went for it, both feet in.

It’s a card that you give to a friend, and they can redeem it for any single item in an ethically-sourced collection -- a way to simplify gift giving for customers, and impact people around the world at the same time. 

The heart and soul of Fair + Simple is targeted job creation for people in marginalized and impoverished areas.  And not just any job, but good jobs with fair living wages in safe work environments which respect and dignify the producer or artisan rather than exploit and compromise. The people who make the products in this collection are the heartbeat of the company, not just a means to an end.

Gift giving is my love language, handmade is close to me, and serving others is my desire. This is my corner.

So, here’s to going out on a limb,

Always sincerely,
-Molly Acord 

Molly Acord Fair + Simple