Our Partners

  •   Krochet Kids Intl. is a nonprofit organization using social enterprise to create jobs and opportunities for women in Uganda and Peru.  Safe jobs with fair wages and wholistic training are provided through skills such as crocheting, knitting, and sewing at their small coops.  The efforts of Krochet Kids Intl. have measurable and tangible results for the women and their families including better healthcare, further education, stable finances, and dreams followed and achieved. 

  •  PACT is committed to excellence in the supply chain…and it starts with your under garments.  The non-GMO organic cotton is sustainably grown on farmer-run cooperatives.  PACT is a certified B-corporation ensuring good environmental, social, and transparent practices.  They are SA-8000 certified which means that workers making Wear Pact items are treated justly.  PACT pays a premium to the Fair Trade Certified factories where the items are made.  Then, the workers democratically decide how to spend the funds to better their lives and community.  Incredible impact can be made by just putting on your socks in the morning.

  • Badala is a non-profit company that employs women in Africa with fair wages.  In addition, the profits from the sales of these fair traded goods are focused on educational scholarships for children and micro-financing to help these women start their own businesses.
  •  From the joyful artisans in Rajpur, India, each item from JOYN has been through many careful stages including shelling the organic cotton, hand-spinning the yarn, weaving the fabric, block printing the fabric, and then cutting and stitching it all together. This intensive process yields not just beautiful products, but life changing jobs for men and women in their fair, safe, and personal headquarters.

  •  MiiR’s purpose is clear: make amazing products and impact others.  They partner with non-profits and other organizations to provide clean water in Honduras, Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa.  Tracking your gift allows you to know where exactly the impact is happening.  A tracking number is included with every item.  MiiR is also a B-corporation ensuring good environmental, social, and transparent practices in the making of MiiR products.

  • Thistle Farms employs women from their residential program who are survivors of addiction, abuse, prostitution, and trafficking.  Their natural bath and body line serves as a platform to fund the residential program and offer vocational training to the residents.

  • Offers high-quality, single-origin coffee direct from the farmer. Zion's profit sharing model helps to advance the lives of farmers and their surrounding communities through investment in projects, tools and education.  Every purchase provides an opportunity to individually invest in the development of small farmers, their families and their local community.

  • Equal Exchange is a worker owned cooperative and a member of the Fair Trade Federation.  They work with small scale farmers and coops with ethical practices aimed at raising and stabilizing the famer’s income.  Their main products include coffee, tea, and chocolate.

  • Trendy and current fashion meets conscience at Mata Traders.  As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Mata is committed to principles such as safe work environments, fair living wages, environmental sustainability, and transparency.  The jewelry is made in India at home or small cooperatives rather than factories, and artisans receive benefits such as child care on site, medical checkups, and overtime. Be sure to checkout their clothing line!

  • Near the Sahara Dessert, weavers in Ghana create beautiful Bolga baskets using locally grown river grass.  African Market Baskets, a member of the Fair Trade Federation, partners with non profit organization, Every Basket Helps, to register and pay healthcare for the villagers and school supplies for the children.

  •  Damn Handsome Grooming uses the nutrient rich ingredients of beer that would normally go to waste to make natural grooming products for men. With every purchase of Damn Handsome Grooming products, soap is given to those in need.

  • Mayan Hands is a non-profit group established in 1989 that partners directly with skilled weavers in Guatemala. They are members of the Fair Trade Federation.  The Mayan women create intricate, woven textiles on traditional wooden looms.  Mayan Hands establishes a rotating board of directs and a leader in each artisan group.  They work to provide Mayan women with a steady job including fair wages, development training, education scholarships and school supplies for their children, and vision and healthcare assistance.

  • Education & More is a non profit aimed at alleviating poverty through job creation and educational sponsorships in Guatemala.  They work closely with artisan groups of weavers to create unmatched products for the home and fashionable accessories. Their Healthy Homes / Healthy Families program extends to well being of the artisans with practical service projects and home repair. 

  •  Matr Boomie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.  They work closely with their artisans throughout the marginalized villages of India, targeting their employment where it is needed most.  Matr Boomie is committed to safe working conditions, fair living wages, artisan development, and environmentally friendly practices. Checkout their Impact Report for a great model of transparency and intentional partnerships. They are truly a step above.


    Senda Athletics adds to the love of the game by engineering quality equipment aimed to improve the lives of those who play the game and those who make the products.  In addition to ethically sourcing their goods, Senda partners with 3 main organizations that use the game of soccer to help marginalized youth and children and adults with disabilities.

  • Imagine Goods seeks to create a sustainable supply chain that offers fair wages to vulnerable, disabled, and exploited women in Cambodia.  The majority of the artisans are survivors of sex trafficking, and a safe job with fair wages serves as a prevention for further exploitation.  Imagine Goods is dripping with love and respect for the dignity of the artisans that make their products.

  • Darling Magazine explores the art of being a woman through quarterly issues.  It is anything but your average woman’s magazine and inspires their reader with every article.  Darling never uses Photoshop to alter a woman’s face or body, appreciates beauty in every type of woman, reshapes cultural ideals, encourages self-worth, and does not shy away from deep issues.  It is more like an experience than a magazine, so make a weekend morning routine of it.   Darling magazine gives a portion of their proceeds to the work of ending human trafficking in the Dominican Republic through their partnership with the International Justice Mission.

  • ten thousand villages

    Ten Thousand Villages is a pioneer of the fair trade movement.  It is a non profit that began in the 1940’s and has grown into a network of stores throughout the United States.  They work to provide economic opportunities for artisans in development countries which in turn alleviate poverty and hardship. 

  • Sanyork Fair Trade

    Sanyork Fair Trade is a member of the Fair Trade Federation with work shops in Peru and Mexico.  They have fostered long term job opportunities for their artisans which aid in the preservation of their cultural tradition, lifestyle, and dignity.

  • A beautiful refuge

    A Beautiful Refuge, located outside of Manila in the Philippines, produces screen printing items with a transparent and responsible supply chain.  The social enterprise is an extension of A Safe Refuge, which is a resource center for women and children in the Philippines that are at risk for human trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness.  Safe and steady jobs provided by A Beautiful Refuge are born from a great need for an alternative occupation.     

  • Alicia San Marcos logo

    Alicia San Marcos produces high quality items handcrafted by women in Guatemala.   10% of each purchase goes directly to funding school supplies for two main organizations: Niños de Guatemala, a non profit that provides quality education to the underserved in Guatemala and Casa Bernabé Orphanage, a home for more than 135 children who have been abused, abandoned, or orphaned.  The camera straps carried in the Fair+Simple gift collection are made from recycled Guatemalan textiles.

  •  Heshima Kenya exists to protect, nurture, and empower refugee girls, young women, and their children in Kenya. This includes education, economic empowerment, safe house, case management, community outreach, advocacy and research, and child protection.  The Maisha Collective is an extension of Heshima Kenya, which aids in the economic empowerment of these women through the making of hand dyed scarves.  

  • Live FashionABLE carries ethically made items with high quality materials and current style.  They target their employment intentionally to women in need through jewelry which is made locally in Nashville, and globally through textiles and leather goods which are made in Ethiopia. 

  • elisha c logo Elisha C. is a curation of goods from artisan brands in Haiti that exist to alleviate poverty through business. Elisha C. invests back into the community of Fond Doux in rural Haiti through educational scholarships and micro-enterprise assistance.