Nicaragua and Costa Rica Coffee bag Set by Zion
Nicaragua and Costa Rica Coffee Heart by Zion
Nicaragua and Costa Rica Coffee bag Set by Zion

2 Bags of Direct Trade Coffee by Zion Coffee Company

$ 40.00

This direct trade coffee set comes to you freshly roasted and ready for enjoyment and community.  

The Jinotega, grown in Nicaragua, is sweet and vibrant with hints of caramel and floral.

The San Miguel Escobar, grown in Guatemala, is mild and sweet with hints of fruit and cocoa.

For the gourmand
  •  Dimensions  

    Two 12 oz bags of coffee

  •  Material  

    Whole Bean coffee from Guatemala and Nicaragua

  •  Impact  

    Zion Coffee offers high-quality, single-origin coffee direct from the the farmer.  Their profit sharing model helps advance the lives of farmers and their surrounding communities through investments in projects, tools, and education.  Every bag purchased provides an opportunity to individually invest in the development of small farmers, their families, and their local community.  
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