Indigo napkins
Indigo napkins

Indigo napkins

$ 40.00

 These reusable napkins will add art and interest to a table.  They are forgiving of stains and absorbent.  Be eco friendly while simultaneously decorating your dining room!

 For the dinner table.

  • Dimensions  

    18" x 18" || Set of Four

  • Material  

    Locally sourced cotton || non-toxic vegetable dyes.  Hand wash.

  • Impact  

    Matr Boomie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.  They work closely with their artisans throughout the marginalized villages of India, targeting their employment where it is needed most.  Their urban development program seeks to provide jobs for minorities and impoverished people in order to end cycles of poverty.  Matr Boomie is committed to safe working conditions, fair living wages, artisan development, and environmentally friendly practices.  Training, microfinance, education, and health assistance are benefits for the artisans.  Their fascinating yearly impact report provides a transparent structure for evaluating their process and practical ways to improve.  

    For more information on this set's art form, click here.