Map Banner

Map Banner

$ 40.00

This white banner is printed with a contrasting black and white map of the world.  It evokes wanderlust and is a meaningful mollifier to a blank wall.  It is sewn in a fair trade factory and screen printed on organic cotton in a resource center for women and children who are at risk for human trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness. 

Wooden dowel not included.  
For the traveler.
  • Dimensions  

    15" x 23"

  • Material  

    Organic Cotton

  • Impact  

    A Beautiful Refuge, located outside of Manila in the Philippines, produces screen printing items with a transparent and responsible supply chain. The social enterprise is an extension of A Safe Refuge, which is a resource center for women and children in the Philippines that are at risk for human trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness. Safe and steady jobs provided by A Beautiful Refuge are born from a great need for an alternative occupation.