Stone Marble Vase
Stone Fair Trade Vase
Stone Vase
Stone Fairtrade Vase

Stone Vase from Ten Thousand Villages

$ 40.00

This heavy vase is understated and simple, accentuating the beauty of the flower it is meant to hold.  Each vase is made of genuine stone, so it will be distinct and unique.  It is something that will be around for a lifetime, encouraging quality over quantity.  It's cool grey tones and inclusions beckon the vase to be set on open shelves and styled for a photo.

 For the florist.

  • Dimensions  

    12" x 6" x 1"

  • Material  

    Genuine Stone

  • Impact  

    Ten Thousand Villages is a pioneer of the fair trade movement. It is a non profit that began in the 1940’s and has grown into a network of stores throughout the United States. They work to provide economic opportunities for artisans in development countries which in turn alleviate poverty and hardship. These stone cubes are made by Dominion Traders in Karachi, Pakistan.  Dominion Traders serves the underprivileged with jobs that also include benefits such as interest free loans, pension plans, profit sharing, and medical benefits.