palm leaf tote
leather straps
market basket
woven basket

Palm Leaf Tote

$ 40.00

This sturdy basket holds its form with quality construction and solid materials. The leather straps stand up to the challenge of lasting a lifetime. It is ready for the farmers market, day at the beach, and everyday responsibilities. When it’s not in use, it can hang beautifully on the coat rack beckoning you for a day out.

  • Dimensions  

    14" x 9" x 9"

  • Material  

    Palm leaves and leather

  • Impact  

    Ten Thousand Villages is a pioneer of the fair trade movement. It is a non profit that began in the 1940’s and has grown into a network of stores throughout the United States. They work to provide economic opportunities for artisans in development countries which in turn alleviate poverty and hardship. These baskets have been handcrafted by the Rishi caste, a marginalized people group in the Bangladesh. In addition to generating income, Rishilpi Handicrafts Limited provides education sponsorship, health care, microcredit savings programs and early marriage prevention support for their adolescent daughters.